Does the inspiration rise from the Sight or the sight from the Inspiration?

All inspires, or made be expressed the deepground of our hearts cleansed to share of it comprehension, the color, nature, the condition, more or less near to clearness, more or less near to illusion.

All is support with the adventure which ignorance éperdue where one is mislaid while having a cast, us leads on the enlightened track of calms moving towards clearness without fault of the non-duelle sight.

Languages are the plastical material that I never end exploring. In that way, there I'm mixing my own creations which are actually only my limited comprehensions, knowtations and expressions. Thus to me occures practising and composing with the diffrent languages that I was given to stud, understand and use.

Theses diving, I lived by periods : English one, Italian one, Deaf one, Provençal one, Brazilian one, Tibetan one… willing my experiences, the circumstances, my posing and meeting presents.

Moreover, within my great ignorance, I can establish that all languages aren't able to help rightly to explain the Unspeakable.
Theses everythings out of concept, theses qualified as secret experiences, that I couldn't describe only in the one language in which the words seemed to me proper for each present perception because more thinly up to illustrate.
Since the oldest times, Humans had tryed to share their experiences in that way, by the Arts, such as languages. And they themselves gathered here showing out their illusionary differences.
That's why you will find original poems in French and English origines of language. "Origines of language", because as you ever note it, I don't pretend to any academisme : I'm reclaming the freedom itself of each lexical and grammar to move, because meltingable and evolutive materials, stories of our spiritual, spychologic and cultural evolution.
Actually, words are solid productions from the limited mind in the material where it stoped on.
Then, that's in all kind of materials, and particular writing, that the spycholigic liberation of humans is possible, in the condition that it be overpassed one day, such to make it only a step, up to make possible the spiritual liberation, must this last some billions eras of the human artistic and literary History.
Words remain limited, then our numerous languages and cultures, tracks of our spiritual conditions. It will be certainly like that until that free from concepts and attachement at forms, the primordial vacuity's language was been recovered by biengs.
Exist some arts where langages are not needed but sometimes are refering to our saoul's culture.
Here they are, for the most, digital pictures. Even if I paint traditionnaly too, nextime anticly, I mean on supports and with Fine-Arts materials.
Some subtile correspondances make that theses pictures illustrate here the texts or that the poems illustrate the paintings. Each one is develepping or explaining the other. But not necessary, because the road and the seeing are free, vaste and call us to turn inside our osbservation, or best to the contemplation of your own mind meeting them. You may be play on this site to put them in correspondance like I did it on an illustred poetry book.
Even if it is difficult to share our experiences or feelings, such as formations we discover at our feelings, I try here to make you know a few of my interiored universe like a mirror at yours.
 Wishing you an enyoing surf.

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